Express Your Identity through Vehicle wrapping : Narjis Design have a dedicated and experienced graphics designer produces innovative and stylish design that will reach your target audience and enable business growth.

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Vehicle Graphics, Car Stickers, Bus Branding, Dubai, UAE

Vehicle Advertising RTA Permits and CID Approval Services

We offer the services to get advertisement permit from RTA on customer behalf for Dubai or Abu dhabi registered vehicles

Vehicle Advertising/Branding certificate approval and renewal services from RTA.

Narjis Designs Dubai, we will help your company for taking in vehicle branding and mobile advertising in order to promote your products and services to your potential customers Everywhere. We can provide a 24x7 Support with good service. Advertise with us every car, bus, van, truck and bike into a moving billboard for your brand using the latest high quality printing technologies in our production house.

For commercial vehicles:
  • Design of the advertisement
  • Trade license of the advertising company
  • Trade license of the party requesting the advertisement
  • Copy of the vehicle’s ownership certificate
For other vehicles:
  • Design of the advertisement
  • Letter of request addressed to the Roads and Transport Authority to add an advertising sticker
  • Copy of the trade license
  • Approval of the Vehicle Licensing Department (mobile advertising vehicles)
  • Copy of the vehicle’s ownership certificate.

Vehicle Graphics

Narjis design have a team of experienced designers will take all the responsibilities for designing and promoting your brand. Our services are in compliance with RTA Vehicle Advertising Guidelines under the following categories: Vehicle Graphics, Vehicle Branding, Bus and Trailer Branding, Car Vinyl Wrap, Van Wrapping, Car Stickers, Car Advertising, Vehicle Advertising, Car Graphic Design, Mobile Advertising.

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